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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

LIFE... The ULTIMATE TRUTH... well, my understanding

One moment,
It brings you all the joys,
the next
It breaks you into tears,

It can give the care that you need,

It can take away the friends n beloved,

It can make you RICH,

But can keep what you love out of REACH,

It isnt what it appears to be,

It Smiles at you for a while,

Can Smack you down at the end,

That is why, it is HARD to COMPREHEND

Fool is the one, who thinks its forever,

Fool is the one, who wants to master,

Fools are we, trying in vain

Lord, Make us wise, and save us from pain


Today, I felt like I am the only ZOMBIE in the whole god damn universe...

I felt like I am alive and still needed to convince myself to that truth.. reason... as usual UNKNOWN..

Its just that I suffer from some kind of psychological disease or just my mind is too much irritated with me that it wants to play a little stupid game with me...

Anyways, the thing is I felt strange among my own friends and my own world that I have been living with for the past 4 years.... Its so god damnn new and irritating to me... Y I DUNNO HAVE A FREAKING CLUE...

I am normally a very easy going guy... This time around.. I just could not take it anymore..

I just had to tell myself... JOHN.. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE...

And Guess what... I DID... and for better

I took a BIKE (CBZ which I loveeeee) and rode it to VZA...
This is not my first ride on a bike but my first ever ride in that big a rain and I was riding as if I am running away from GODZILLA or as if the world is gonna end if I dont get my ass to vza in an hour..

So, it was basically A RIDE OF MY LIFE...


We had to face the rain right in the face and the rain is so god damn pouring that my eyes got freaking red for all the beating they took from the rain drops.

We crossed {vaagulu.. sorry no english words fits right in ...except for streams} and we raced with some ppl and WON...

I love it.... Now, BIKING IS MY PASSION... for a while ofcourse...

Anyways, u cannot totally understand my blabber if u cannot ride in rain...TRY IT... ITS SO GOD DAMN AWESOME....

//ppl who think I am full of crap... Guess what ... i dont give a shit
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