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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Open source software RULES


I felt like I have this urge to work with my pc. I missed messing with it. So, downloaded lots of FOSS s/w.

I updated the firefox and installed some plugins.

Then its turn for some really good extentions...Like the gmailnotifier, stumbleupon, RSS readers, and Blogthis links...

Then I worked with some download managers like CURL, Gwget and the mozilla plugins for that...

Then I found some really good Players ...
Democracy Player -- Its a video Browser .. U can browse videos online

Then I wanted to use a dvd ripper... For some strange reason I wanted to rip DVDs into avi files...

So, I found a good software for that.. Its called HandBrake-0.7.1

It was a totally new kind of installation for this software...
I compiled the source for the handbrake...

Normally, the source compilation would be like
and make install

But this time the source needs to be compiled using JAM

Jam is a program construction tool, like make(1).

Jam recursively builds target files from source files, using dependency information and updating actions expressed in the Jambase file, which is written in jam's own interpreted language. The default Jambase is compiled into jam and provides a boilerplate for common use, relying on a user-provide file "Jamfile" to enumerate actual targets and sources.

It took a hell lot of time, to download stuff from net and then compile it, install them together....

JAM ROCKS.........

I downloaded stuff from the internet and then THERE was alot of debug output...

Then all it said was 258 targets updated!!!

It was really WEIRD!!!

Then I couldnt figure out if the HANDBRAKE was successfully installed or my system was just playing with me..

Then I tried to USE my stupid mind.

I tried to read stuff about jam and found some Options for it..

tried those but couldnot figure out what was happening..
I all I could see is lots n lots of debug output just being thrown!!!

Then I read the forums for ubuntu and found that

The HANDBRAKE doesnot have a GUI

It has to be run from CLI... so, I tried to run it...

AND SUCCESS... I didnt encode any VOB file but I think that still works!!

so, TOOO MANY HOURS of work on Software I wont be using atall....Thats me!
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