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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tech tip today

To start with, I am giving out a link to a really good extension to all the firefox users....This one is call Orkut scrapeasy ... and it true... it makes scrapping in the orkut easy... For a detailed description

Makes replying to scraps at Orkut ( easier.

* No need to leave your scrapbook (and no page refresh) after posting the scrap (submits in the background using ajax).

* Adds a scrapbook launcher link, to go to your friends' scrapbook directly bypassing his / her profile.

If u r using Firefox ( still on IE?... Man get a life !!) just install this extension and restart ur firefox(NOT PC ... hahaha)


FOR users who have a Mouse(any mouse, serial, ps2, USB.. anything.. Be it optical or scrollball)!!!

Fun Website ... Try NOT click in that site ...It called ... Great name and suits aptly!!!

U might feel that there is nothing in there and be tempted to close it... But look closely you will find links there, try to explore the website NOT CLICKING...

Whole new way of browsing... Awesome IDEA!!! Have fun .. The DONTCLICK way


Tech update:

Democracy Player for Linux n windows

Its awesome dude... If you are on UBUNTU/Fedora and know how to use the command-line.. Then this its just a kids play for you!!

Democracy Player is a new kind of browser for watching videos-- grab webpages with video and video RSS feeds (including podcasts, video blogs, and BitTorrent feeds), and watch them full screen, one after the other. It's free and open source.

To put in laymans terms, its the player to die for... It gets all the videos online into your harddrive with just a few mouse click...

My observation: It crashes too many times... Man, you have to really be careful not to overwhelm it too many clicks.. I have 512 RAM and it still crashes!!..

Get democracy today :::

Shayari .. Apni

Jis se pyaar tha, woh thukraagayi,
Pyaar ki gaadi, chal ney se pehle hi ruk gayi

aayi thi zindagi mein pari bun kar
chali gali,hum se hamari haseen cheen kar

Gham nahi, usey khon ka,
Paa liya kab? Jo ab roney ka

Jo hamara tha hi nahi, usey khone kaa kya ghum,
Lambi zindagi padi hai agey, usey Bhulaadengey hum

bekhudi ki zindagi hum jiya nahi karte
jaam doosron se cheen kar piya nahi karte

un ko mohabbat hai to aakar izhaar kare
phicha hum bhi kisi kaa kiya nahi karte

Jee rahe hai isii kwahish se,
ki kabhi na kabhi milaygi koi humsafar

Johnny naam hai mera,
Chalo yahi se shuruvaad karte hai...Ijaazat ho to Agar


Mein shaayar to nahi,

Magar A haseen Jab se dekha meiney tujh ko mujhko shaayari aaagayi..

Yeh kehna tha us se, per kehna na paaya kabhi..

Such mein bol nahi saktaaa,
Jhoot mein bolnaa nahi chaahtaa,

Kya karey, zaalim hai ye dil, jo akaley raha nahi jaata...
Kabhi dil naa deta kisi ko, agar pehle se pata chaltaaa!!!

Bun gaye Gali ke gaalib, us ke pyaar mein,
Aur kya dekhna hai, maaloom nahi humein,

Kyaa kyaa na kartaa thaa,
Kyaa kyaa na sochtaa thaa,

Sapney sapney hi rah gaye,
Achcha hua, jo neend se jaldi ut gaye,


Pata nahi mere saath kya ho raha hai,
Jo bhi kahoon, bun ke sher nikal aata hai,

Bana diya shayar, hum ko kisi ke judaayi!
Maa kasam ise roka nahi to,hogi meri pitaayi!!


Pavan didnt like it...

I dont know what is his problem, but he is never satisfied with what i do. He never reacts as i expected... Well, thats not his problem ofcourse.. But I expect too much from ppl and I always get disappointed... I GOTTA CHANGE!!
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