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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who is God?

This my answer to satish's question. Who is god?

6th November 2007
Who is God?

Dear Satish,

your Answer: (A strong belief in you which creates a picture of GOD)

You are being very vague in your answer here. God is very personal and to give him a picture is also personal. Giving a picture to god does not explain who he is. Its like - I give fear (also a state of mind like belief that you mentioned) a picture say LORRY, but that does not explain what fear is. Its just my own personal picture of it. So, my point here is - please try to explain your definition of God. God deserves more than a sentence after all you and I are his creation.

If you are implying that God does not exist and he is just a mere belief then May god save your soul.

My answer:

In a nutshell, God is the architect who designed the whole universe and controls it. Otherwise how would you explain the whole creation and the things that exist? How do you think they magically came about? How do you explain life?

If you say Theory of Evolution answers the creation – please don’t get me started on this… It’s established already that the Theory of Evolution cannot be totally right. Its just one mans explanation of creation which is proved wrong and cannot be applied to all the creation. The new buzz in the science world about evolution is “Intelligent Design” which confirms that there is some kind of design architecture in place for the whole creation but doesn’t talk about the architect. The same way religion talks about the architect and not the design. It’s actually both the architect and the design that explains the creation.

Google “Intelligent design” and you will find some answers.

I would like to make a very interesting point here. People tend to have two different views of creation – the scientific view and the spiritual view. The atheists have a scientific view of everything and the priests the spiritual view. The problem here is Science and Religion are not opposite sides of the coin. They are the two different pieces of the same entity. We should try to explain spirituality through science but not use it to go against everything. Its like learning multiplication and trying to predict the path of the meteor. There is an awful lot of things that we still don’t know and cannot explain. We better completely understand the system before going against it.

And this is my attempt to understand the whole belief system and its origin.

Why do we need God? How did human beings come across this existence of God?

NOTE: All these are my own speculations. May not necessarily be true, if you do not agree then please correct me!

We all know that the primitive man lived the forests (there was no New York and Hyderabad at the time), while he was in there he was plagued with many different problems like forest fire, the tornados, the draughts, the floods and other such natural calamities. By the very nature of human beings we tend to look for support and hate to be alone. So, at the time of such distress, the primitive man must have thought how well it would be if someone could help him at the time of trouble. But he realized there is no one for his support except for the animals which won’t talk like he does. So, he needed a savior and hence in desperation he began to create this imaginary being called God. There was no sign of god. He simply did not exist for him until that moment. He cannot be seen, he cannot be heard, he can only be felt. So, god started out as an abstract being. I know this sounds crazy, especially for Christians because in Genesis Chapter 1, it says – God created Man, and here I am reversing it. Just bear with me for a while, it will make sense later.

It’s established that God as we know was created by man. He then started telling people that there is this super power almighty that is above all the nature and controls everything. So, people thought he was crazy. He had to prove it to people (by people I mean the other cave men and women) that he really existed. So, at the time of distress and trouble he started to request the almighty that he be saved. And sometimes he was saved (this is because there is God whether man found him or not). So, you see God is not an invention but a discovery! And these requests became frequent and are given the name Prayer!

Why do we have so many Gods/goddesses?

The human population is scattered across different geographical structures that one suffered from heat/fire and hence found his savior as – God of Fire (Agni) while the others suffered from tornados and wind –hence God of Wind (Vaayu) and similarly the rest of the gods too. Each type of calamity required a different kind of God to control it and save people from it. So, we have different representation/faces to the god. But basically the whole idea of God is to be powerful and save us from troubles.

Then who are Rama / Krishna/ Buddha and Jesus?

My wildest guess would be these are very good people who walked the earth and have done a lot of good deeds. They are like icons that showed the world how life is to be lead. Each one has a unique lesson to teach – Rama -> Being truthful and honest. Krishna – saving the poor and needy from evil. Buddha – being obedient and humble. Jesus -> loving everyone as you love yourself. You see, each god symbolizes a virtue, come to think of it – all these are humans according to the scriptures but how come they are regarded as Gods? The most reasonable answer would be that - we attributed many powers to them and made them divine. If you say god is just like you and me – what is god’s specialty then? So, this is the trick that people did to make the humans divine and give them the god status to prove that the virtues ought to be pursued as the god himself has done that. But some of them might have been god himself you never know!

You don’t believe in god do you?

I do. But I am just trying to find out who the god really is and not just go by the theories put forth by the scriptures. I personally felt god in my prayers. I believe there is a god out there who answers my prayers and I have seen him in action whenever I needed help. But I am not sure what to believe, I have felt god but he has never talked to me nor have I seen him. I strongly believe that he exists for I talk to him asking for favors all the time and he grants it. He never talks back to me but makes sure I get what I deserve. That’s my belief.

Cool, then how do you explain religion?

We humans are very intelligent and tend to use everything to our benefit by using the knowledge that we have – the cave man was no exception. When he discovered god, he was really happy that someone out there cares and saves him from troubles. So, he has a fallback now – and does not have to worry much about the survival and other problems. He has practically nothing to do and loads of free time and fewer responsibilities. In this free time he thought – now that I have someone that takes care of me what should I do? So, he started to have fun. This went fine for a while but everyone is behaving crazily and everyone is going wild. The party went out of control when he started to have crazy desires and did some really nasty stuff just because he can and because he wanted to. There started the trouble. Add to that some mishaps and natural calamites. Result: Chaos all over. Things got serious. Some good leaders gathered and discussed the situation. They came up with a brilliant idea – RELIGION. How and Why?

Reason 1:

They wondered - we have God now and he is not helping us even if we pray when in trouble. They were puzzled thinking why god is not helping?
Then it struck them– may be we are being selfish in praying to god only when we are in trouble and started thinking may be we should keep in touch more often with god and put a process to the whole prayer thing. May be we should thank him and offer some things and please him in some way to gain his favor.

Reason 2:

Also there must have been some complaints against the radical behavior of some crazy guys and this called for a set of rules that everyone must abide by. They realized we cannot just do whatever we can or wanted to if we are living together. We must have a system in place but the problem here is how we restrict this radical behavior. Nobody listens if we just make them sit and say its wrong and you cannot do it. The listener will listen only when the speaker is powerful and important. Wait a minute, we already have the most powerful being i.e. God. So, we used god and played on the man’s most powerful emotion – FEAR. Until then God was good and so no one cared coz they thought he cannot harm and he can only help/save. Now things changed, God is the hero who can save/destroy you. Its up to us to be obedient and humble or rebel and get our ass kicked. This was presented to the public as
“The cause for all the chaos is lack of obedience to god and doing bad things which he doesn’t like so we should behave a certain way to have god on our side. He is not helping us coz he is pissed off with us. We better behave ourselves or get wiped out“

So the message made it. The system is in place and everyone followed it for the fear of god. This system is nothing but the RELIGION. As you can clearly see, I don’t believe in religion – its just a system to get keep us well-behaved if you understand why it is in place, you don’t need to confirm to one.

To be continued……

Reply to : Eternal quest: Who is god? Jesus/Krishna/Muhammad/me?

This was satish's reply to my post.

Sorry john!!

I cant help you out in this regard. I am an athiest. I dont believe in
God or Spiritual things. I just dont. I dont say NO to the people who
are interested in all these things. Everyone has their individual
interest. The following are all my personal opinions. You may
disregard many of them. You dont have to get messed up with them.

I dont spend my time searching for something which is not existed in
the real world. There might be something in the dark ages, I dont
know. You and I werent there to have a look at. I have seen so many
different cultures/religions/ethinities/etc. Everyone tries to make
their impact on the rest of the community, which i really hate. I have
experienced it quiet a lot. Just a simple smile will do the answer for
every nonsense.

Okay, lemme ask you some questions. I mentioned my answers just beside
to them. While answering the following questions, just be truthful to

Who is God?? (A strong belief in you which creates a picture of GOD)
Did you ever see God?? (Yeah, I dont believe in ONE, there are TWO,
Guess who)
Do you follow god?? ( No, I follow my parents)
Do you really interested in listening to someone who describes GOD??
(Yeah, I do to say NO at the end)
Did you ever expect something from GOD?? What if you dont get it?? Do
you stil love god??
Everyone expects something or the other from GOD. (Do You)
If you dont expect anything from GOD, do you still believe in him. (I
bet No one does)
You pray for GOD before you do anything, either it could be an exam/
new job/presentaion/whatever. Why do you do that?? (You just wanted to
get rid of the tense situation, so that you can feel better)

What do you guys say?? If you dont have anything to say, i consider my
answers as correct. You dont want that right::::)))


Eternal quest: Who is god? Jesus/Krishna/Muhammad/me?

5th November 2007
I posted this in the SSIET group.

NOTE: These are some really deep and crude thoughts that I have stumbled upon. Readers discretion required.

These days I have been extensively researching on spirituality and stuff. I have found some really interesting and insane documentaries that disprove most of the Christian scriptures. For a while I went through a phase of disbelieving the whole Christian way. Then it struck me that I am reading the controversies first instead of knowing the religion. So, I started reading bible and understanding it - but the conscience in me still troubles me with some parts of bible which are too incomprehensible when I try to make sense of it with the little understanding that I have.

So, I told myself does this happen only to my religion or is it common to all religions. Why are Christian beliefs so feeble? Do i lack the faith or is the whole belief system just a mere belief? These questions kept haunting me and I wanted to find out if this happens to the rest of the world too.

In my eternal quest, just by sheer coincidence I ran into a book exhibition - actually Pavan lead me to it, (thank you Pavan for that). Anyways, this book exhibition had a book by Taapi Dharma rao. He is a very well read columnist and essayist. He is a pandit and he has done some major research on religions - Christianity, Hinduism & Islam. He has read Bible, Vedas, Quran and Bhagavadgeetha and stuff. He also is very up-to-date with the modern world as he quoted the findings of excavations of Babylonia and Macedonia. So basically, he knows what he is talking.

So, the point here is - he shook up the whole foundation of the hindu religion. Just like what George Maxwell has done to Christianity. He is outrageous and very bold in his remarks but had some very good points to make. He had a very rather cynical approach to the whole process but he is just being honest and digging that real truth that we are so afraid to confront.

I am explaining all this coz ?

Reading this book has changed my total perspective. The major patches to my rather narrow and limited vision are
1. Religion is personal - You cannot take whatever is imposed on you as scriptures and just blinding follow it. Feel the God and that is your religion DONT JUST FOLLOW THE PROCESS.
2. Scriptures are Journals and not the only sources of truth - the truth is out there for you to find out. Scriptures just provide you the background.
3. There is NO SINGLE GOD. - I admit we all worship different gods/goddesses but there is ONLY ONE DIVINE ENTITY out there that is responsible for everything that happens in the whole big universe but we mortals cannot confine him to a particular form/way. Its like taking water into a beaker and saying water is cylindrical - get it?
4. All the religions are just about the same wine in different bottle - the packaging differs. Look at Moses story and Lord Krishna. They are so many striking similarities. Look at the Islamic belief of how the creation started and the Genesis in bible - they are just about the same. There is JESUS in Islam and Ibrahim/Abraham in Bible.

To be continued ......

God bless, (whoever he is)
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