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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crazy questions!

I have been questioning everything since childhood and found that we have alot of questions in us but never ask just for the fear of being fooled. Since I am not a kind anymore I can dare to ask some questions, if you have any similar questions please ask so that we can collectively figure out the answers for atleast some.

I will list some of the craziest questions I had as a kid :

1. I have been taught fish have fins and swim and do whatever that fish does. Then the biggest fish - whale is NOT A FISH at all. Why are whales mammals?If they are really mammals, Why dont they have hair and stuff? What are hell are they doing under water with fish? Why arent they up here on land?
2. Why is the laddu round in shape?
3. Why do we have a hole in Gaare ?
4. Why do we call the lemon rice pulihora?
5. Why is water tasteless?
6. Why do we cook and not just clean and eat? When did this cooking start?
7. Why do we yawn?
8. Why are we not four legged like like Lion or tiger?
9. What happened to the tail if we came from Monkey? Appendix doesn't make much sense to me. Even if a small food particle goes in - it swells up like crazy and give us appendicitis - what kind of tail is that?
10. Why dont human beings lay eggs? Why do we just give birth ? Eggs will be really cool isnt it? If we laid eggs earlier, when did we decide not to? and why?
11. Why are we on land and not under water? Why do we have two different ecosystems i.e. considering the major ones land and water?
12. Apart from land and water we have another huge area - Sky. The fish never come to land ever - even for a trip in their life and similarly we dont go stay under water - so we stick to our ecosystems. And is there any being out there that has stuck to the skies and flies all the time and never comes on to the land or dives into water? Is sky a habitat for any being?
13. Why is it that the birds get to have both wings and legs while the snake lacks both and just have to use tentacles.
14. Some birds like (neeti konga) can swim, walk and fly. If we are the superior beings why the hell cant we do that?
15. Why dont human beings have wings? Why cant we fly? Did we ever fly?
16. What good is it to have a dangerous animal around like Crocodile. Does it ever do any good? Why do we have such dangerous creatures? And why is it born-ugly?
17. And what is the deal with the forests? Why dont we have just plains and grasslands?
18. Why is all the ICE up north and down south of the earth, why cant we have distributed all over?
19. Why do we have deserts where there is no water at all, and seas where there is no land at all? why cant we have just one normal thing with abundant everything?
20. What the hell am I talking?

Crazy huh?
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