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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Tonight, I bought some really cool winter-wear for my family. A really cool swear shirt for myself too :)
I have never bought stuff for my whole family at once. This is the first time that I am doing such a thing. And I tell you it feels so good to buy something for your loved ones. Lets see if they like the gifts or ?

BTW, Tomorrow I am going to Sonu-nigam's Concert in the Microsoft's Annual meeting here in HITEX. My friend "Mr. Amit Almighty" is taking me along. I am sure to have loads and loads of fun!

Insideview 2.7 - SFDC Sync data picklist

On Saturday, we deployed the V2.7 of IV. The Major attraction of this release is SFDC SyncData picklist which Jerome and I worked on. It was one heck of a learning experience for me in every way. I had to toil to learn JavaBeans, Forms, Action classes and what not! I even wrote some JSP code!

I created two seamlessly syncing functionalities for Leads and Accounts in SFDC. It involved querying IV and SFDC data and showing them side by side and letting the user pick the fields that he wants to sync with his SFDC Lead/Account. The UI that Jerome has put in place just blows your mind. It is amazing what a simple javascript and CSS can do! Full credits to Jerome on this!

The release went great and passed rigorous testing. So far no major bugs have been logged which makes this release so special as all the releases I previously worked on needed patches :)

BOTTOM LINE: I am now becoming confident in my Java/J2EE skills. And Hard work always pays off!
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