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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Enough with orkut - let get serious with Social Networking utilities


NOTE: This is not a hate orkut mail but to educate us all about how useful and powerful social networking is and how you can use it instead of using it to just killing time and wasting our lives. I dont hate orkut, but I just dont like it anymore! There is so much you are missing with a narrow orkut vision. Think broad and you can put your valuable time to great use.


We have been using Orkut too long and there isnt much use by scrapping except for getting to know more stupids. And then there are communities which have no real purpose other than stupid fun and time pass if not gratify someone's big ego. So, I guess its time to move on... There is so much to social networking than we can imagine. Every other day we get an invite to some wayn, friendster, jaxtr, bullshit and whatnot. Are these really worth your time? How do you judge? Is there anything out there that could really help us in our career instead of fooling around posting some crazy javascripts or the long chain of help me help you messages. Is this what social networking all about? NO...


When you go to a book store you see lots of books but you buy only those books that your friend referred or read right? why? This is because we believe our connections and network. We are not out there chasing the wild goose. We wanna take the trusted path to our destination. So, we use our network to get things done or get to know things. Thats how the social networking works too..  There are plenty of companies out there who dont trust the or for their hiring. They use the social networks and post the jobs in their network and ask people in their network to refer someone. If you come to know of the job in your network you can dig up a connection and get reffered for the job. As you know, referrals are the best way to the job. You are already special and you dont have to prove too much. But for all this to work, you should have a solid profile up with a confident looking resume. Then you dont look for jobs - jobs look for you and will come to you.


I dont know how many of you guys use LinkedIn and Facebook. But you should try them out, its really useful if you have some good connections. People get job offers just for having connections. I know some couple of really good job openings just because I have some really big connections in there although I am not qualified for that job, it feels good to know right, who knows someday this might get me my dream job.

I will tell you briefly how these could help you :

1. LinnkedIn

LinkedIn has some really cool features like ( People in your network are hiring) which tells you jobs in your network.

You can get referred on getting endorsed by your connections.
You can connect to almost any company through the connections of connections
Most importantly, people dont play around in LinkedIn - its professional. So, you get some really serious people so be serious!

Try LinkenIn :

2. Facebook

Faceboook is fun. You can do whatever you want on it. Install and play with applications. Write up your own applications to use the power of facebook API and show off the world how good a developer you are and all. If you develop the right application you get really rich or even hired by facebook. You wont believe but last years two guys hacked facebook and got hired for knowing facebooks loopholes. But messing around with someone's connections is not forgiven and your profile will be deleted if you messed around enough.

Try Facebook :

BOTTOM LINE: Use it or loose it. And that being said, its not orkut so dont play around irresponsibly or you will get kicked.

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well!
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