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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vijayawada : A status report


 We have been in our Home town for the past three days and it felt really good. Its growing real fast. I was amazed at the pace with which its growing. Here are some of my observations.

New in Vijayawada (atleast for me)

* Five star hotel - The Gateway Hotel in the place of Andhra Jyothi
* Khandhari is now Fortune Murali
* Inox is coming up in the place of Urvasi (Its gonna be one heck of a hangout for mallrats)
* Reliance has bought Old Bus station and Venkateswara Theatre.
* There will be a big multiplex and a huge jewellary store.
* Looks like the M.G. Road is finally going to get into shape
* Malls everywhere like Chermas, Big Bazar, Spencers, and whatnot!
* Pubs?

It really felt good watching our home town develop. But there are some things that I didnt like ...

* The traffic is now horrible thanks to R&B ( the roads are not spacious enough and the crowd is not educated enough)
* Vinoda talkies aka Priyadarshani is now Srinivasa Palace (DONT EVER GO THERE - its pathetic! There were more prostitutes than audience in the theatre )
* The pimping has started again in the Gandhi nagar (Its not as worse as earlier but its back)
* The police is now back to its normal self ( it was really good when Surendhra babu was around)

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