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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nagarjuna's Ride

I came to know recently that Nagarjuna Akkineni drives around in this baby.... If romours were to be believed, this is the most expensive car owned by any Indian Actor (as of July 2007).

Take a look at the BMW M6
Priced at

100,300 U.S. dollars = 4.29881708 million Indian rupees

Now thats a stylish guy - Isnt he?

If Chiru becomes the CM of Andhra

Chiru is always said to be a patient of nepotism and if this is true and if he becomes the next CM of Andhra Pradesh ...

Are we looking at a cabinet like this ?

NOTE : For all the die hard Chiru fans, I am a fan myself but sometimes we can Just have some fun and not be a totally obsessed maniac. Take it easy - will you?

Now, thats a honest Butch

I always liked this bimbo for her honest thirst and desire to be in the news like Paris Hilton of the west. She has a great body and wouldnt mind showing it off. Sometimes when bimbos like this opens mouth its a controversy in the making. And now keeping up with the legacy this whatever chopra makes another scandal. This time at an Interview with Maxim. She totally craves attention and this is how she gets it.

But I really appreciate her for her honesty. She doesnt deny the allegations and pretend to be a sati saavithri like Rakhi Sawanth. She just talks more mature and gets naughty...

Read more here :

Some thoughts on Chiru

I personally believe, Its good to have an allround view of something before you trust it. And this shouldnt be something to hold against someone. I think everyone should be given a fair chance.

We all know how great chiru is as an actor, social activist and a person. But sometimes we miss to read between the lines and here are some insights... I cannot say all that is true but its quite possible... But then again there are ppl who make a career out of this. Read on!
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