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Monday, June 23, 2008

Billa (2007) tamil movie starring Nayantara & Ajit

I saw Billa (2007) starring Ajit, Nayanatara & Namitha a few days ago. Its a really high quality film with a great cinematography. Most of it is copied from the DON (2007) starring Shah Rukh Khan but still copying isnt that easy. They spent a fortune on this movie with all the shooting in Malaysia. Its a treat to the eyes all through and the producers didnt compromise on a single thing. I have always envied the tamil film industry for the great movies that they come out with once in a while. Kaadal Kondain ("Nenu" by allari nagesh in telugu), pitamagan ( suryaputrudu in telugu )... all these movies were just awesome. I wonder when the telugu industry is going to take up the challenge and make such great movies with the High Quality. We are very good at love, factionism and family stuff but sometimes it gets too boring. We have some great entertainers like Allari Naresh with movies that tickle your funny bone every season but then they are just good for the minute and not like Rajendra prasads masterpieces.

Anyways, coming back to Billa.. Ajit looked stunning in those costumes. Nayanatara stole my heart with the tough girl looks that she easily pulled off. This Keralite is the hottest property in the south right now and has no stopping. She can fit into any outfit and manage to look stunning in that. I am finding myself drooling over her from time to time. She looks exactly like Eva Mendes from the movie Hitch where she plays a FBI agent obsessed with work. I love Eva and now Nayantara.

Trivia : Nayantara's real name is Diana Mariam Kurien.
Billa was originally donned by Rajnikath in 1980.
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