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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whole New theme for the blog

After hours of work I finally came up with a logo/banner for the blog. The image on the top has a strong message and also great graphics.

Please dont know ask me what the message is coz I honestly dont know what it is but you can interpret it in your own way.

One might say - from fear to to the savior!
Or lost to being found.
Or something like that.
It may not be religious at all...

Try to interpret it in your own way. Let me know if you understand it.

Blogger came a long way

I have been blogging for the past 3 years (not for long and nothing great except for my random rantings but still I was...) and never really bothered to meddle with the layout in the past two years atleast. I played with it long ago when I started blogging but after that I didnt have enough free time to even blog. I was busy living life (yeah right!)

Anyways, yesterday I saw the blog of a friend of mine (Gaurav Jha) and he has totally messed up his blog with a lot of colorful add-ons and stuff. The interesting part here is - that dude isnt a programmer - so I started wondering if a non-programmer can make so many modification then may be blogger has become more user friendly.

I decided to check what they have done and was amazed with blogger's progress. Althoug, the layouts pretty much look the same but now they have different versions/colors/themes for each layout. That department needs some attention. So, I decided to stick it my original layout as nothing else looked simple enough.

But then I saw the add-ons/page-elements page. They have a whole new bunch of addons and they are really simple to add. The add-ons I liked the most are
  • Slideshow (for Picasa/ Flickr /Photo Bucket) - I attached my flick slideshow as you can see... two reasons - 1. I bought a flickr account and 2. I am proud of my photographic abilities coz I clicked some pictures nice by accident.
  • Video Bar for Youtube videos - this is cool. Give it a shot!. Although I would love to show my fav youtube videos on this and not just some random youtube channel/most viewed videos (seriously who cares?) - but may be that something for the future.
  • Blog List - the blogs I read or I am interested in reading or pretending to be reading/following like the google blog.
  • Link List - this made adding list of elements real easy like my fav movies/shows/whatever.
  • HTML/JavaScript
    Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog. (this is sooo cool - I am thinking of doing something really really cool with this and's sdk - keep guessing! ). TIP: You can actually put the Google Analytics code here instead of medding with the blog layout html. That way you can easily remove it or change it.
  • Ofcourse, AdSense - although I am not interested in putting some stupid adds on my blog for obvious reasons ( no-one ever reads this blog except for me!) but still I like the whole ease of adding adsense to your blog.

Keep these updates coming Blogger. Rock On!

Long live Torrents/Mininova.

I have been watching too many movies lately and I couldnt have done it without Its soooo bloody simple. All you gotta do is search and download. Its better than google actually coz its save that extra search. With torrents Any movie in the world is just 2 clicks away.

I have used torrents before but it wasnt this fast for two reasons :
* as the internet in India is really expensive and we had to be content with the small bandwidths that are offered to home users.
* people in India dont believe in seeding, we have 1/1000 leeches seeding back home.

I am downloading atleast 5 movies a day and make it a point to seed them till I download the next batch. ROCKS... and whoever invented the torrent technology is a bloody genious. Long live P2P. I hope its legalized and stays free forever.

Tips : If you have loads of time to kill, go to IMDB's list of top 250 movies

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a story of 4 friends and how destiny plays with them. They gamble and loose alot of money and now have to pay up half a million in a week. How they are gonna come up with the money ? They loot the loot of next door thieves. And a whole big mess happens and what happens next is the best part.

It could not have had a better ending than what it has. Simply superb.

9/10 again.

Memento (2000) Mystery

I saw Memento today and it was a very very strange movie. The screenplay is totally weird but really cool. It was gripping until the very end. You have no clue what is going on until the climax.

I now know where the Idea for Gajini came from. Its almost the same but the director adapted it to the Indian audience.


Very very nice movie.
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