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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sarkar Raj

John Gaadu on Vuyyala, flickr collection by djohnjimmy.

I saw Sarkar Raj today as Kishore insisted that we watch it. After a very long time, Ram Gopal Varma has come back with a really really nice movie. It was gripping till the very end and there was a really nice surprise in the end which I bet no one would have seen coming.

Ofcourse, everyone knows that Abhi's character Shankar dies in this sequel but the interesting thing here is how RGV plans the next sequel. Will it be a female lead with Aish taking over the Sarkar Raj? Or will there be another guy?

Anyways, the movie is worth every minute of your (download + watching) time. I would totally recommend it to any hard core gangster movie lover. Its on if you want to download and watch like me.

Oh if you are wondering about the photo here : Coincidentally, we went to the send off lunch/party of Raghavendra this afternoon at the IndiClub here in Baltimore and they have a really nice swing/vuyyala there. And you know I started posing!

Bear the Beard!

John in Baltimore, originally uploaded by djohnjimmy.

I am trying a new look with the beard and mustache (look closely till you see something funny). There you go!

Jesus had a beard and I was always fascinated with Jesus' beard. I mean, nobody knows for sure that Jesus has a beard or not but from all the movies on Jesus I've seen - there's a very good possiblilty that he might have had a really sexy beard or atleast the Hollywood & Tollywood Jesus did.

Anyways, I know I aint exactly the Jewish type to carry off the beard but still its a free country and the beard doesnt cost you anything in fact if you really think about it, it actually saves you money! Wise huh!:)

I am not quite sure how long I can bear the beard. Its already shabby and itchy but lets see. Alright, enough with the Beard already.

Oh BTW, this nonsense post is brought to you by flickr's new blog this feature. Flickr RULES period.

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