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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rituraj Mahalim - the gifted Kid

Rituraj Mahalim - this 7 yr old kid is gifted. Look at the way he dances to Hrithiks number - Main aisa kyon hoon!

Rituraj Mahalim - Amazing modern day dance / comedy to a Kishore Kumar Classic!!

Rituraj Mahalim - dancing to Hamma Hamma from Bombay

Rituraj Mahalim and Vaishnavi - doing Govinda

Rituraj Mahalim and his partner Vaishnavi - dancing to a Marathi number

Rituraj Mahalim - donning Don

Rituraj Mahalim - Soni de Nakhre

Child prodigies

This kid speaks so many languages to sell peacock feathers :

The same kid in his teens :

Kid mimicing the top telugu Actors :

Inversion of Control (IoC) explained

I stumbled upon the concept of IoC long ago and without fail I forget what it means and have to google it each and every time. Thankfully there is Wikipedia that has answers for everything.

Wiki : Inversion Of Control

And Martin Fowler calls it Dependancy Injection and explains it in the context of Spring here.

I am gonna blog it so that I would remember it atleast this way. I cant top those experts but here is my understanding of it.

IoC is the software development methodology in which the Control of the program is inverted from the traditional way of User code (the main functionality is in this code) calling Libraries (the common functions like taking user input and display are abstracted into these) to => Libraries calling the user code depending on the events occured.

Example : here (Wikipedia does a very very good job and so I dont wanna waste time topping it).
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