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Friday, September 05, 2008

Bhopal survivors Fight :

Everyone is aware of the Union Carbide's tragedy in Bhopal years ago. The survivors are still struggling for their right to live. And are demanding justice thats sooo overdue.

I stumbled upon this site ( ) and was impressed by the right use of internet for the right cause. They are posting the progress of their campaign in a blog and uploading pix and videos daily. They are even hosting these videos on youtube. Thats kind of cool for a village campaign and this shows how the internet can really be used. They even setup a way to fax the Prime minister of India with a petition from anyone who wishes to support the cause. 5832 faxes were sent this way and the faxing is now closed though. That was the best part~

Their walk to Delhi for justice - everything captured in pix on the blog. They walked for 172 days to get to delhi with kids and women.

Their Demands :

The homepage :

This is the best use of internet ever for a right cause and please do visit it to know more.

What you can do to help:

Send a free fax direct to the Prime Minister's office (this is closed now though)

Download, print and send a postcard

Other ideas for action

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