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Friday, November 13, 2009

Google SideWiki : Path to Web 4.0?

Google has launched a new product called SideWiki which I think will revolutionize the web possibly paving path to Web 4.0?

Here is why?

I mean, Web 3.0 correlates data in a way that machines could retrieve anything and everything out there and Sidewiki ranks and retrieves them by tying the user interactions to the pages. Do I smell Web 4.0? (a funny depiction of web 4.0 is here)

May be this will pave path to the New Generation browsers being redesigned to capture user interactions as part of the built-in information fetch. Seriously, who needs textbooks? we could save alot of forests and this could also solve Global Warming!

This is graph that I stole from here in order to support my theory.

The graph depicts the web trends over time and data in the confines of Productivity of Keyword search. My take away from this is that the web is bound to become more intelligent and the only way it could do that is by leveraging the human interactions with the web. Sidewiki is exactly that. Let us see how this goes!

While you are at it, try the "Also post to" feature to post the same sidewiki on to your blog simultaneously. This is amazing!

BottomLine : I think this sidewiki concept combined with web 3.0 (i.e. Symantic Web) could possibly the future of web.
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