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Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've been doing a lot of "nothing" these days even when I am busy doing something. My mind seems to do a lot of touring around while I just physically sit there in my cube doing routine stuff without any thought to it. Not that i am being dishonest to my job duties but its just that it has become second nature and I dont seem to be needing any brain activity for that routine mundane tasks.

I dont really know where it goes, what it does, how it manages to disappear and reappear without my intervention. It's amazing what a mind can do. It can wander off to places far far away in a split second and then resurface as if it never left.

I once read Human Brain is the only living organ that monitors itself. If it is true, does that mean that the surveillance and monitoring system of my brain has a loop hole? Does that mean my mind has evolved so much so that it can skip being monitored? Am I a mutated human? Am I a superior Organism?

You see, these are the sort of things that keep my mind busy even while I am doing something important. Some of the other thoughts being :

Topic : Death

Where does the soul go after death?
What happens to my facebook profile after I die?
Who will get my gmail access? // Banks are pretty straightforward
What happens during death? We always thought of it as a painful experience but what if it's the most beautiful and real experience ever?
Why do we die? To make room for the new ones to come? Or just simple session TIME OUT?
Why is death feared? For the loss of life that we all seem to waste anyways?

Topic : Movies

Where is this 3D revolution taking us? the more the merrier I know but in the quest to entertain we might miss out the heart and soul of the movie i.e. Drama

Topic : Jobs

I have doubled my income every year in the past 3-4 years. And it looks like I have come to a point of stagnation for a while unless I do something really fantastic or utterly stupid. Should I be satisfied with what I have and just go on with the routine for the fear of losing this or should I be more pro-active and keep on the look out for new things and waste my life in a never ending quest?

Topic : Marriage

Why do people get married? Is it coz they are afraid of being alone for the rest of their life? Is it coz it has been labelled the "right thing" to do when you reach a certain age?

Topic : Charity & Life

We are all moved by the life that the disabled lead i.e. the blind, mute, deaf and challenged. They are all out there unable to help themselves even to do the most mundane thing like walk or see or hear or talk. These people need help 24/7. They cannot do most of the things we do. They all have major problems unlike us. Their life is a struggle from the start to finish. The things that we take for granted are a dream for them. Most of them would never be able to do what we do with no thought. We all know someone like that. But do we help them. Apart from a once in a year feel-guilty-hence-donate or feel-good-like-to-share type of charity stuff, do we care for them at all? We go about our routines forgetting everything else and immersing ourselves in our own world that we created for ourselves. Is it selfish or just normal? I am not saying we should give our lives to help them for the rest of our lives but what can we do? What is our purpose in this life?

Is it to live our life the way we want to and just go about minding our own business turning a blind eye to the less fortunate? Is it about helping everyone and finding happiness in other's? Is it stupid to live your life for others? Is it possible in this new world? Can such thing be done especially after you have seen all the good things that you have seen? How far should one go in helping others and not losing one's self? How can I care for myself without being selfish? Being charitable is one thing and living life for others is another. I am very moved by the film Beyond Borders (starring Angelina Jolie) but would I ever be able to do any such thing? Would I be able to forgive myself if I dont? Can I live being just another human ?

Does it matter how much I earn here and how happy I make my family in afterlife? Who are my duties and responsibilities towards? Was Gandhi right in ignoring his family and setting a country free? Was he wrong for leaving his kid to ruins and taking care of strangers? What is the purpose of this life? Why are we here?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online Dating and what to expect!

It's funny how I landed in the online dating world. I was being interviewed awhile ago by the creator of for a position in web 3.0 company and I was checking him out just to see what his background is and stumbled upon After that excruciating zillion questions about me and my partner preferences, I was exhausted but at the same time I wanted some ROI (Return on Investment) for the time I wasted and was never getting back. So, I started browsing and noticed how many people are out there trying to find that someone special. So, I joined the league and ever since I've been on this quest to find that super smart/caring/loving/intelligent/kind/cute/smoking-hot girl.

Here's alittle theory I have on Online Dating. It helps you to understand what to expect there.

Disclaimer : I am not a veteran in the online dating field but I have been watching and closely observing this space for a while hoping to build a desi dating site someday. My intentions are purely business related and nothing else. Also this might be a good point to mention that I did not stalk anyone to come up with this theory.

I noticed that online dating sites are like Mangolian Grills. There are five kinds of people (broadly speaking) in there.
1. The hungry a.k.a. desperate //the label is self-explanatory
2. The smart/cheap //who want a big meal for small price (call it smart or cheap)
3. The bored //who are bored off routine sandwiches.
4. The adventurous and humanitarian. (you can totally tell - I belong here, cant you?)
5. The silent observers a.k.a stalkers and spies. //I DONT belong in this group although it looks like it - just so you know!

The hungry/desperate ones are there for a reason and they know it well. They try whatever looks good and sometimes they lie and cheat just to satisfy the hunger. Once their hunger is satisfied they might not be a good partner. Rule of Thumb - desperate people are dangerous!

The smart ones are there coz they dont wanna spend too much out there and wanna get money's worth. In this context, going out to a bar daily and trying to fish for girls is just time consuming and an expensive affair. Besides, who has time and patience right? The problem here is that they are here to fish but they dont want any fish - they have their preferences and biases. They want certain height, weight, complexion, caste, creed, religion and income. Preference is good but bias is not (well, not always). They walk in there and see a decent amount of choice but in their mind they know what they exactly want. You cannot reason with them unless you fall in that small circle they draw around themselves.

The bored ones - now there is a story here. They have tried all things possible and are just bored. They are tired and exhausted. They wanna settle down. More often than not, these people have a great story to share but they often tend not to share it. They tend to hide it for reasons very personal sometimes reasonable and rightly so and sometimes afraid of judgement. They dont have that fresh enthusiasm and outlook to life that is quintessential to keep a relationship fresh and interesting. They have this "Whatever" attitude which is quite boring at times.

The adventurous ones - also the humanitarians - They will try everything atleast once before they say no to it. They are open minded, fresh and interesting. I probably fall in this category We dont have a closed mind but we do have certain standards.

The silent observers - They are mostly observing the space looking for something. They might be here trying their luck or they might be too shy and insecure or their might be evaluating the business value of such sites or they might be spying on someone or they might just be stalking someone. You never know and You should not know! Sometimes, It's invasion of their privacy that pisses them off!

So, there you go - Online Dating, what to expect 101 for you. Hope it helps you. Guns and Roses are welcome!
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