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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis!

It's my little sister's birthday today. Spoke to her this morning for a while - she wants me to come home for good. Her words stir up a storm inside my head. I've been thinking for a while about it and when my little sis said those words, I just wanted to pack and go. But I can't - not yet. I have some stuff to take care first.

Anyways, It's her birthday today - so let 's talk about her. She's the purest thing in my life. When I think of her - I always think of this cute little 8 yr old kid with pig tails and innocent smile through wide teeth. She's my little sister. She does not want much from me. Whenever I talk to her - I ask her if she wants anything but she just doesn't want anything. She's happy where she is. She is a happy little bee. She's gonna be a doctor soon. Wow, my little sis is gonna be a doc! Time just flies!

When I gift her something, it feels soo good inside. It's like I want to give her stuff just to make myself feel good. Her smile brightens my day. I remember taking her to school everyday and making her tell lies so that we can skip school sometimes. She was like my little side kick when we were in school. Once I got hurt doing something stupid in the school and I remember her crying so much. I did not cry until I saw her cry.

It's a shame i cant be there with my family to celebrate her birthday. As kids, we used to look forward to July sooo much coz both our birthdays are in July. We would get a new pair of clothes and we get to be soo special for one whole day. We weren't that rich growing up so it was a pretty big deal.

Anyways, this brings back a lot of memories as you can see. Happy Birthday Prasanna - I hope all your dreams come true and I will make sure that they will. I love you soo much and you mean a world to me. I miss you.

your brother
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