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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bloody Rice Cooker - Part 2

As I was waiting in the hallway for someone to rescue me, my neighbour from upstairs who I only know as the HOT-GIRL walked in. She was on phone so I didnt bother disturbing her. But she gave me a funny look (u know the routine "what's wrong with you" look) as I was sitting on the floor barefoot outside a locked door in the hallway.

As time seemed to freeze, new troubles started for me. Now, I have to take a leak and I am thirsty. It's weird how you need input and to output at the same time. My body needs water which is why I am thirsty but I also have to take a leak which means my body has too much of water. Human body is not something I understand so I left it at that. But my body did not. I really had to go. So, I knocked on my single-african american-kind of hot-neighbours' door but no response. She's not home. Perfect! My luck was laughing at me and I could hear it. Anyways, I know that the other apartment is vacant so my options were :
a. the old chinese lady across the hall (really? I dont know why I am counting this as an option either)
b. the vietnamese veteran from downstairs (I am sure he had shot gun handy)
c. the pakistani couple that never smiles from downstairs. (well, he is pakistani.. and I am an Indian so we are already enemies before we even met)
d. the hot russian brunette from upstairs. (hell, yeah! if u ever heard a russian girl speak, u know why I am so excited. Their accent turns even gay men on.)

It's anyone's guess who I picked. No, its not the old chinese lady. I chose to knock on the hot Russian's door duh!

She opens the door and has this puzzled look which I can only summarize as "Who the fuck are you? What do you want? Why dont you have any slippers on? What's with that beard?" kind of look. So, I opened my mouth but no words came out. I guess my brain is trying to come up with a story to explain my current situation but it is having a tough time as the eyes are too busy with visual feast right in front my eyes. Finally, I pulled it together and said "Hi, I live downstairs. I know this is gonna sound crazy but I am locked out without my cellphone, footwear and car keys. Can you help me out?". She said "Sure, come on in. You could use my phone to call someone". I took the phone and said thank you - only then I realized I dont know my roommate's number. Who remember's numbers right? So, she was like - "Well, do you want me to guess the digits for you?" and I remembered why I bought my iPhone.

It's mainly because I can find it if I ever lose it through mobileme. It's a service which can locate your phone and store your data on the cloud. I periodically (more like religiously to be honest) sync my contacts, bookmarks and mail on which is real useful if you ever lose your phone. So, I asked her if I could use her laptop. She was real nice and let me use it. Needless to say I found the number and called my roommate while my new friend is making a cup of hot tea for me that I could drink while eating the frozen yogurt and crumbled cookies that looked like magic mushrooms. She was more than happy to have some company as she lives alone. She constantly kept apologizing for the mess which made me think how much organized I am regardless of the crap I seem to accumulate around my bed. We had some nice time together watching some "only-for-young-american-teens" drama on the antique 21" Television from 1950s that she might have stolen from a museum in DC coz there's no way you would have TV that small yet HUGE these days.

So, we had some time to kill so I started poking around and asking her questions about her and stuff in general. She plays piano (or is it keyboard? now u know how much I know music) and has a lot of paintings hanging around. Interestingly, one of them is her portrait. Hmmm, she said her friend tried to paint her once and that was the result. It was close, I can see the resemblance but I would have never guessed it was her. A hot girl with paintings, portraits of her and piano - who would not wanna find out what she does for a living right? So, I asked and get this! She's a Research Scientist. A SCIENTIST for real - I always think of either Albert Einstein or Tom cruise when I hear the word scientist. That's as close as I can get to that word. Why Tom cruise? well, coz of the scientology and stuff. Anyways, the point here is she's beauty with brains.

So, I called my roommate and told him to take his time and should not rush returning home. I gave him clear instructions not to worry about me and not to disturb me either.

to be continued....
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