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Monday, July 19, 2010

Bloody Rice Cooker - Part 3

To the Critics: I know I am dragging this but I dont have anything else to say on my blog so read it or not..

Quick Recap: I was locked out of my apartment without my mobile or footwear or anything on me and my attempts to have fun while I wait are turning into disasters. Finally I have some company in the form of a really nice/hot neighbour who was crazy enough to entertain me while I wait for my roommate whom I instructed not disturb me while I try to get to know this girl. Ok, you are now up to date. Go on - read this final installment and let me know how much of an idiot my roommate is.

I was having a good nice quality time with my upstairs neighbour for a while when I remembered that my roommate might be home so I checked downstairs to see if he's home. Actually I did not care and he was the last thing on my mind but it was getting kind of late and the hot girl suggested I should check coz I seem to be making the couch pretty much home. She's right in a way coz I used her mobile, laptop, restroom, tv, couch and ate her magic mushrooms in the 30 mts I was there so she might be thinking "Why dont you just move in?".

So, realizing that I cannot just move into her apartment on the night we met (not to mention in the most idiotic circumstances) I was walking down the stairs and saw my roommate waiting for me in the hallway. Touched by my roommate's genuine care and concern for me, I wanted to hug him (one of those, awww! sorta moments) but restrained myself from doing so as it's gay in almost any country not just USA. So, I told him "Dude, its really sweet but you dont have to wait for me in the hallway. I am a grown adult locked out without slippers thats all!"

And he turns to me and he says "Dude, you wont believe what just happened!" which got my instant attention as he went on to explain that he came home and went in put all his stuff on the coffee table like he always does like a well programmed robot and remembered seeing the parcel out at the door (I left it there after reading the spanish instruction manual for the bloody rice cooker), so stepped out to check out parcel and put one step in the door but the door slammed (its a heavy door, you dont wanna put your leg when it slams shut- trust me I've been there and done that) and he had to take his foot out resulting in yet another classic lock out for the night!"

It took me a minute to process the information while my roommate smiled at my void face like he finished first in a pie eating contest or something. When I realized that my dumb roommate did the same exact mistake I did just a couple of hours earlier, I could not do anything but to sit there and laugh my ass off. It was laugh of relief that I am not the only idiot on the planet. It was laugh of "what an idiot" type of rejoice. After two minutes of complete cacophony of deafening horse grunts (thats the closest natural sound that describes our laughter) we went up stairs again.

Same song and dance - I knock on the door, she comes out with that weird expression in her face but this time add "Now, what?" to the previous expressions. And I was laughing at the stupidity of my roommate and its more fun this time coz its not me who's the idiot for a change. I finally catch my breath and told her "Guess what, my roommate is also locked out!" and I am sure the first things that went in her head is "Is this guy for real? This is the world's worst pick up ever! Do I look that dumb? "

Realizing how difficult it is for a normal sane person to comprehend this insane sequence of random events - we sat down while my idiot roommate explained her how it all happened and she goes "I can believe that!" and I am like "Are you serious? How can u believe that he did the same exact stupid thing I did on the same exact night?" to which she says "Yes, it is possible that two idiots can live together!" Very True indeed! - I told u she was a scientist right?

Finally, we all sit down and laugh about it and call the apartment maintenance to come rescue us. Half an hour later, we got into our apartment along with the Bloody Rice Cooker!

-----------------------------THE END------------------------

I called my mom and told her the whole incident (not focusing on the hot girl though) and the first thing she says is "You gotta get yourself a new roommate - that kid's dumb!" :)
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